Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Quick reference guide to Facebook page changes March 2011

At the end of last week Facebook changed the layout of pages. The changes were fairly well documented and page administrators will have had the opportunity to change over to the new page format before now. However, if you if haven’t made any changes to your page, or you aren’t sure what is new then over the next couple of blog posts we will be taking a more detailed look at the key changes and how to use them to your advantage.

Here is a quick summary of ten changes to take note of:

1. Your page now has photos across the top. These will be taken from your last five photo uploads.

2. The profile image maximum size has been reduced from 200 x 600 px to 180 x 540 px.

3. Tabs have been removed and navigation is now listed in the left column below the profile picture.

4. Your page can now like other pages! The left column will display which pages you have liked.

5. You can now use Facebook as a page – meaning that you can now leave comments on other pages.

6. The information panel has been removed from below the profile picture.

7. There has been a lot written about the fact that wall posts are no longer chronological and instead having the most popular posts listed first. This has been changed giving you a choice how you wish to view your posts. Underneath the photo strip you can set your wall preferences to either most recent or top posts.

8. The static FBML app is no longer available. This has always been the main way to create custom tabs utilising HTML. Instead you will now have to use iFrames for your Facebook customisation. Existing installs of the application and custom tabs will continue to be supported at present.

9. The location for the page settings has changed and you will now find an Edit page button in the top left.

10. Admins are now shown on the page, this is visible to other administrators only.

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