Thursday, May 24, 2012

Google Apps! The Free Powerhouse Package.

Google is synonymous with the internet. The large and prominent search engine has continued to change the way we use our computers and internet every single day. In the past three years alone, Google has shown it's success by launching a major browser and along with it, a multitude of different web applications.

The wonderful thing about all of Google's web applications is that they are all freely available to the public. The applications include the most essential of computer processing tools. From word processors to a dedicated web store containing almost anything you could possibly need from DJ tools to powerful and precise online organizers.

For any computer user many of these tools can simplify and provide many capabilities that would easily cost hundreds of dollars to actually purchase these programs.

Google provides access to their own word processor which can be accessed at anytime with easy retrieval of  any saved documents. The word processor is very concise and to the point allowing any user to take advantage of its potential. The word processor is constantly being subjected to updates and even will be updated within the week.

Google has also created a new platform for their web-based applications. Any user with a Google account (Google accounts are available for free) has the ability to search through a "web-store" filled with amazing free applications. The applications include "Sprout Social", an online social media analyzing tool, which easily could be used by any business to track which social media site is attaining the most view counts and various other information about each social media site. Another interesting application entitled "QuickBooks Online" allows users to manager expenses, taxes, and any accounting related information for free.

The many applications presented in Google web-store are definitely worth a look and will be quick to impress any application lover or regular computer user alike.

Do not miss the boat! Do yourself a favor and check out Google Apps!

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