Thursday, May 17, 2012

Slow Computer? Tune it up!!

It's inevitable, your computer will eventually become slow and take seemingly forever to load the simplest of files. There are many ways of quickly cleaning up your computer to spike it's efficiency to make it run just that much quicker. In addition to the many steps that will be presented Weiskopf Consulting will take care of this problem for you with the utmost care and efficiency.

Usually computers will become congested with many unused files that pile up within a computers mechanics. many programs have been developed to defeat this problem.

One of the most powerful and prominent cleaning programs is appropriately titled : CCleaner. The program can easily be found Here in the top ten downloads of's download page.

CCleaner is easily navigable and by choosing which files you would like to keep from the left hand menu. The "Run Cleaner" option in the lower right hand corner the program will clean unnecessary files from your computer.

Another powerful cleaning tool is Malwarebytes. As with CCleaner, Malwarebytes can be found Here, and is included in the top ten downloads for Malwarebytes is also easily navigable. Given three options you may scan your computer for any unnecessary files which will be cleaned by Malwarebytes and deleted. Refrain from using your computer during this process.

There are also other options in cleaning a PC that can be found in the "Accessories" folder located in the "All Programs" folder. After finding the "Accessories" folder there is a sub-folder entitled "System Tools". Inside this folder there is a powerful tool provide by Microsoft. The program entitled Disk Cleanup. Disk Cleanup wipes your computer of unnecessary files. Use caution when using these two programs as not to delete any information that is important or near and dear to yourself.

Disk Cleanup is somewhat dangerous if you do not know what you are doing. Take precautions by backing up your precious files somewhere safe before cleaning up your hard-drive and be specific in which areas will be cleansed. Simply follow the steps provided in the program and refrain from using your computer during the process.

These are but a few suggestions in cleaning up your PC and allowing it to run just a bit more smoothly.


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