Thursday, May 24, 2012

Use Social Media Correctly and Effectively to Advertise Your Product or Business

In this new technology driven era social media sits at the very forefront of what many associate with technology. Because of this many business' have thrown incredible amounts of advertisement and management dollars into the social media giants hoping for greater customer traffic. The problem is that many of the business' that have done this have found this is an unsuccessful process.

It is almost impossible to escape the many business' asking for customers to "like" their Facebook page. Though not a terrible way of advertising one's business or product, Facebook is not the answer to advertisement. Many business' have forgotten the most essential part of operating a business; planning and strategies. Throwing money at the social media giants is a far cry from being successful in the least.

The reason why throwing money at the social media giants such as Facebook or Twitter is that many users will not be attentive or subjected to an intensive viewing of your ad. Ads on both Twitter and Facebook are also presented to certain demographics which puts a heavy limitation of who will see the ad and who will be compelled to find out more about a certain product or business.

It is not to say that all Social Media outlets are disadvantageous to small business'. Many functions of social media sites present a very in depth and  precise way of targeting specific audiences. With the traditional appeals of advertising one can easily harness the power of many social media sites.

  • Make compelling offers to capture the attention of the everyday user
  • Collect data and customer feedback to put more emphasis on certain products or certain demographics
  • Use social media sites to harness more information to display even more to an even larger audience. 
These are but a few amount of suggestions to properly use social media sites to the advantage of your small business. It's as easy as four traditional steps: Test, Analyze, Refine, Repeat. 

Advance your business, logically and efficiently. 

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