Thursday, May 17, 2012

Using Videos on Your Website

In the ever-growing age of technology the most powerful form of advertisement can be found on the internet. As many know, promotions of brand goods are flashy, attention-drawing, and powerful tools in the world of media. Simple text promotions simply do not make the cut.

A growing trend of video and visual promotions on the internet has captivated many of its users. According to internet statistics 144 million users (about 70%) have been known to watch videos daily on the internet. 

If you are seeking proper promotion of your business or product on the internet the best place to go would be online videos. 

The benefits are easily seen because of how video has captivated consumers minds for decades. The increasing numbers of viewer consumption  of online videos is quickly gaining on television users. It has been reported that television users are known to watch about 4.7 hours of television in one month compared to the gaining 4 by internet users. 

The shear power and growth of online videos can be seen as videos on YouTube reach staggering view counts that border the quarter billion mark (yes, billion). 

When planning for the next form of promotion for your business, online promos should be taken heavily into consideration. 

There are many examples to look to when judging the overall power and coverage of online video promos. Simply entering the brand name "Old Spice" into the search browser of YouTube a user is quickly directed to a commercial that has already racked in almost a twenty five million views. 

Imaging your product or business on the smaller screen just may be what it takes to propel your business into success!