Thursday, July 19, 2012

Laptop Specials "Back to School Deals"

As the summer comes to a close talk of the upcoming school year is becoming more and more apparent. Though the excitement of a new school year may not apply to everyone, computer companies are letting consumers and students know about new deals that can be attained in these last few months of Summer.

If you are the owner of a laptop purchased 4 or 5 years ago, you may have noticed that the computer has become sluggish and lost it's splendor from the first time you opened the box. Well, now might be the time for laptop owners to consider "moving on". The best advice for understanding when it is time to upgrade is to take stock of your possessions. Actively search for the specifications of your laptop by searching your computer's properties. Things to take in account are:

  • Operating System (Current Version being Windows 7)
  • Processor 
  • Ram
  • Hard-Drive Capacity 
  • General Ports (such as DVD Drive, Blu-Ray Drive, USB 3.0, etc.)
Computers are constantly updating and within almost a year your computer may be falling behind the ever advancing technology. But just because your computer may not compare to the latest and most expensive computers there is nothing to fret. In some cases laptops can be revitalized with a simple tune-up. Remember that not all Tune-Ups are not the same! Be wary of a "cheap" tune-up. The costs are in the up sell. Weiskopf Consulting offers a tune up that will return the computer to it's "like new" performance. Below is a link to our service: 

If you are ready to buy, two major contenders in the sale of laptop computers are TigerDirect and Microcenter (local based computer store). Below are two links that direct you to the websites of each company. The deals may vary when taking a laptop into consideration. For each laptop user a different laptop with various specifications is needed. For most the cheaper $400 range computers are suffice.