Friday, July 27, 2012

Take Caution of Summer Storms and the Threat They Pose On Your Computer

It's hard to miss those powerful and ever present storms in the middle of summer. Heavy rain and piercing lightning strikes may seem like no harm to you if sheltered by a home. But the danger they can pose on your computers is nothing to take lightly.

With every power outage your computer is susceptible to shutting down incorrectly due to lack of power. In layman's terms it is taking your computer which is performing like a race car ramming straight into the wall. This obviously will put wear and tear on your computer even if the event may not seem as strenuous as it was for the computer. Over time your computer may slow down or eventually give out from the constant mistreatment of it's fragile power source.

You may think that there is nothing you can do to prevent this situation, but you'd be wrong! No-longer need you wait by your computer hand and foot at every rainy cloud passing by. With a purchase of an APC UPS unit, you are given the advantage of a secure power arrangement for your computer. The way these units work is by storing energy for an emergency to be allocated to your computer and then in turn shutting the computer off securely and safely, in a timely fashion.

APC UPS units can be acquired from your local computer store but they are not on the same par as any old surge protector. You should not be walking into the computers store expecting to walk out paying the price of a power strip. APC UPS units vary in price and can be purchased from $50 all the way to the hundreds.
What may seem like an inconvenient and expensive product will reciprocate itself by improving the longevity of your computers life!

Surge protectors are another viable option but do not nearly provide a harnessed experience as would an APC UPS unit. Surge Protectors are not as reliable but do provide a "safer" and less expensive experience. If you were to go the route of a surge protector do not allow frugality to shape the quality of your unit.

Below are examples of acceptable APC UPS and Surge Protecting units

Micro Center - APC Audio/Video 8-Outlet Power-Saving Surge Protector 2690 Joules P8VNTG