Saturday, September 29, 2012

Google event to Help Small Business Succeed Online

Google Headquarters Chicago
On Thursday I attended an event at Google's headquarters in Chicago for "Social Media Week".  It was an a special seminar with Google and the Chicago Chamber entitled "Making is Easy for America's Businesses to Succeed Online".  I was excited to go but was anticipating being surrounded by 20 somethings and feeling old.  I was right, after checking in (with 20 somethings) I took the elevator up, on the way up we stopped on another floor,  the doors opened and eight 20 somethings with laptops in hand all got on the elevator with one older gentleman.  I was definitely in Googleland. But, I was looking forward to learning more about Google+ and AdWords from actual Google humans!
The event featured:
  • John Roberson, Executive Director, Illinois Small Business Development Center
  • John Tolva, Chief Technology Officer for the City of Chicago
  • Amy Korin, Google (Speaking on Google+)
  • Steve Robinson, Constant Contact (Speaking on Email Marketing)
  • Erika Murray, Google (Speaking on AdWords)
Both Amy and Erika gave wonderful presentations and provided excellent information about these services.  It was refreshing to hear them say that they too sometimes get confused with the products and their complexity.  After each session. they made themselves available for Q&A after for all the attendees.  The nuggets that I came away with were:
  1.  The use of "Hangouts" on Google+ could be a great way to have free online webinars;
  2. Google AdWords has launched an easier (simpler) version of AdWords called AdWords Express that will be usable for the average business person.
  3. Google in conjunction with Intuit is offering a free website for a year.  Check out the
Steve Robinson of Constant Contact also gave a presentation on "Email marketing for your business".  Steve always offers best practices and ideas for using email marketing for your business.  As a Constant Contact partner I can help you get started with your own email marketing campaign. Sign up for a free 60 day trial and call me for any help you might need.