Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Hackers create problems for small businesses...

Yesterday many business lost email connectivity and had their websites go down due to GoDaddy, your server provider, being hacked. Read here

I contacted those of you whose sites and emails were affected by this issue by either an alternate email address or phone. You should all be back to normal at this time. This brings me to situations we can control and those we cannot control. Everyone should have a backup plan.

Having your host provider hacked is similar to losing power at your business. You simply have to be patient and wait for the electricity to come back on. If your primary email address is not working you should have an alternate. Most of you have a Gmail address or a ISP provider address (comcast.net or sbcglobal.net) that can be used in an emergency to continue to conduct business. 

Having a backup plan for communication, data loss, onine files, and your network will save you time and money when an unexpected interuption or disaster happens.

Are you prepared? Call me for a personalized disaster plan while the problems you experienced are fresh on your mind.

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