Monday, May 13, 2013

Websites: When to Update

Websites like fashion change with the years. Technology upgrades drive design and function to create more dynamic user friendly sites. Giving your website a face-lift has a greater impact on your marketing efforts than just a fresh image.  It says you care, that you are current and that you want to engage your clients.  BUT, you should not update to often. Once every 2-3 years unless you have a major change in your business. 
Most individual clients have an emotional almost parental connection to their website.  This can cause great distress when they are making the decision to update.  It is important to remember the goal(s)of your site so that you look at an update as a normal progression to achieve these goals. 
You will need to evaluate your site. Ask yourself these questions:
  1. How old is my site?  (less than 2-3 years)
  2. Do I use multimedia? (Yes)
  3. Do I connect with my Social Media? (Yes)
  4. Do I engage visitors to my site? (Yes)
  5. Who is the site about? (Visitors)
If your answers are different from the ones in blue then you should consider a website update.