Saturday, January 25, 2014

The PAIN of the upgrade: Lessons Learned

It all started when i broke my phone screen.  I did not have replacement
insurance, I was not near my upgrade date and the phone was not really usable. I had a bright idea that I could replace the screen myself.  I found it on eBay, ordered it and had it shipped overnight.  When the screen came I was ready to go.  I backed up my phone and took it apart with the help of a YouTube video.  When it was completely apart I find out that I not only need the screen but something called the screen assembly.  Frustrated I put the pieces back together minus the broken screen.  

Now I need to have a working phone so I go to Verizon to get a new phone. After some discussion, I was told I would have to pay full price for a new phone. $499.  That just did not set well with me so I explained to them that it would cost me less to break my contract and move to a new carrier.  More discussion and manager involvement brings and offer of $250 with some peripheral items thrown in for free.  Hands free and car mount, otter box, and screen protector.  So now I have a new phone and some new toys to go with it. 

I get home to start moving my phone data to the new phone and find that not all the data backed up. The most important program, my time tracker data is from last month.  PROBLEM! Now I need to find a phone repair shop to fix and retrieve my data. More $$$, actually in the end another $180 but got my data back. 

As I am putting all the apps and settings back on my phone I decide to make some changes to email, calendar and contacts.  I want my outlook  to sync with my phone but Google sync is no more.  I decide to change my business email from a hosted pop account to an exchange account.  I've done this for clients seamlessly with GoDaddy.  But GoDaddy is moving to a new exchange platform, Office365 Exchange, that will cost me less per month and have some extras. After some Q&A I decide to take the plunge.  

The mailbox took longer than i would like to set up, but finally did.  Perhaps my patience at this time was not what it should be.  Once set up and working online I went to my local Outlook 2010  to add a new account.  Here is where the really frustrating part of my journey begins.  Outlook crashes as it attempts to create the exchange box.  Once it crashes it will not open. Not in safe mode, not through the control panel. Move the pst files and run scanpst.exe to repair them. Not working. I uninstall and re-install, still not working.  I delete the profiles and the registry items for the profiles and uninstall and re-install again.  Now the program will start normally and is ask for a new account.  YEAH!  But wait, it fails at the same point when trying to connect to the exchange server and freezes the program.  Now this part took 3 phone calls to GoDaddy support, which is usually great,  to resolve.  They are clearly going through some implementation issues.  Comes to find out that most of the time outlook will find the server just fine but SOME of the time you need to run a software update from the online office365 portal that updates your local outlook program.  Once these updates ran on my local outlook program the new account added just fine and i was good to go. My frustration level through this process was very HIGH and my email was down for 24 hours which to me is unacceptable.  My take away is that I learned the ropes to this process on myself and will be prepared for client implementation.  

The Good news is that my Outlook Office365 works the way i need it to.  My business email, calendar, contacts and tasks all sync with my phone. Including my Business Contact Manger contacts.