Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Windows 7 still available by "Popular Demand" giving options to those who are still using Windows XP

In April Microsoft will stop supporting Windows XP which will create some
issues for businesses that are still using it, around 29.9%  of desktops.  It will become a problem for businesses that need to be PCI compliant.  This means that if you take credit cards through you machine you must meet PCI compliance standards. When Microsoft stops supporting Windows XP the security patches will stop, making this operating system non-compliant.  It will also leave openings for more viruses and trojans to infect your systems. 

in the last few months it had gotten harder and harder to find new machines that still have Windows 7 as an option. The masses and businesses have not embraced Windows 8/8.1 and sales have slowed. Today HP announced that it was going to offer Windows 7 on some if the machines it is selling.  If you have not update your operating system (XP is 12 years old) now would be the time.  Windows 7 is a stable operating system for your business. 

Read the CNET article here.