Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Tips and Tricks for Getting Those Emails Opened!

Every business has trouble getting clients to open emails, Weiskopf Consulting included.  Here is a short video with some helpful hints. How to Build a Responsive Email List.

Constant Contact claims that the average email open rate is around 20%.  Constant Contact says: "It can be frustrating to spend so much energy on a campaign that only a fifth of your contacts open.  So, every now and again, it can be beneficial to run a re-engagement campaign that specifically targets the people who aren't opening your emails.  This can boost your overall open rate and help you clean your contact list."

Here are a few of those tips: (using your reporting feature in Constant Contact)
  • Find out who isn't opening your emails
  • Launch your email contact re-engagement campaign
  • Track your email recipient engagement
  • Engaging your email list and checking it twice
To learn more in depth details on these steps, check out the Constant Contact Blog - Click here.
I hope that these few helpful hints, that are easy to implement, will improve your email marketing!

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