Saturday, November 15, 2014

The Best Ways to Clean Up Your Computer Systems

 Happy Clean Your Refrigerator Day! 

We all use our computers every day, and they also need to be cleaned out.  I know how much time and effort it can be to clean up old and unused files or programs, so I wanted to share with you some easy programs that will do the work for you! is a great resource that I use when searching for computer programs, and it is where I suggest you go too. Here are some programs I like that will clean up and protect your computer systems.

One of my favorite computer clean up downloads is called CCleaner.  This program, which is free, is a junk-clearing utility used for keeping your system clean and optimized.  It removes unused files allowing your computer to run faster, as well as freeing up hard disk space.  The bonus is that it cleans out your internet history.  This program is constantly being updated, so keep up with the latest version here.

A classic system cleaner is Malwarebytes.  Malwarebytes seeks out and destroys inflections or viruses on your computer.  There are two options for downloading this program: the Free version and the Premium version. The Free version is known for detection and removal of threats, while the Premium version, which costs $24.95 for 1 year for up to 3 computers, uses advanced technology to proactively stop malware infections. Go here for more information and a download. I recommend to the Free version, it has all that you need.

A newer product to hit the market is called ARO 2014.  It is a free download from CNET and will speed up your computer by doing a full computer cleanup.  It scans through 3 major areas: Registry, Junk and Security.  By filing through junk files, broken or missing Registry keys and security vulnerabilities it is able to stop your computer from slowing down.  Click here to download.

One IMPORTANT last tip: when downloading these programs don’t fort to uncheck any extra adware items before completing the download. Sometimes they stick you with extras that are unnecessary and won’t be helpful for you and your computer system.

Which programs do you use to keep your computers cleaned up? Comment below! 

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