Monday, August 31, 2015

"Ask The Expert" Summary for August

Q: How do I make a new Cover Photo for my Facebook page?

A: We like to use Canva. It’s a great free app (or It steps you thru creating a Facebook Cover Photo so that the photo is the correct size and there is no print in front of your logo. With very little practice, you can upload photos, add calls-to-action and make an attractive, original cover photo. Note: There are plenty of free things but there are also “in app” purchases. Q: One of my customers suggested that I do a video to show them how my product works. Where do I begin? A: Create a YouTube Channel so you have a place to host your videos. Start using your phone to capture products, endorsement, testimonials. Once you have some content then use and online service ( ) or desktop to edit, brand and upload your videos. Remember anything more than a minute is too long.

Q: I have old computers and printers; can I just throw my old one in the garbage?

A: Nope! Most towns no longer allow computer equipment to simply be tossed in the garbage. Check with your local city for drop off sites. But, before you do that, you need to clean up the hard drive to make sure that no private information remains on your computer.

Q: What is a Hashtag?

A: Hashtag (known by many as the # sign) allows you to organize content and track discussion topics based on keywords. Hashtags are used on most social media sites. Hashtags can contain multiple words and/or numbers but no spaces. For example, #2016PresidentialDebates or #TBT (throw back Thursday). Individuals can use emotional hashtags like #WorstDayEver but businesses should not. Q: Which Social Media site has the best Return on Investment (ROI)? A: Currently, Pinterest has the best. However, it may or may not be the best place for your business to spend it’s time. We recommend that you choose one social media network. Then expand to others. Facebook is a good place to start for most but if you have specific products that photograph well, Pinterest is the place to be.