Saturday, January 2, 2016

National Clean Up your Computer Month

You're busy. Cleaning up your computer's hard drive might seem like the last thing you have time for. But properly backing up and organizing your computer files could actually save you a lot of time.  Here is the list of items we will clean up this month in byte size pieces.  Each week we will do one together, starting today with one and two.
  1.  Back up:  solution ongoing
  2. Virus and Malware scans
  3. Email:  Clean up, Archive and delete
  4. Hardware Clean up
  5. Desktop Clean up
  6. Organize your files:  Clean up, Archive and delete
  7. Photos: Clean up, Archive and delete

If you do not already have an online backup solution, I recommend Carbonite. It is a very cost effect, real time back up solution and has saved many of my clients when they have deleted, lost or had a hard drive failure.

 Carbonite - Read More Here 

You should run the following 'free" programs at least once every month to insure you are not infected.  This i assuming you have a good virus protection program already installed.  

  1. Malywarebytes
  2. CCleaner
Next Friday we will look at Email clean up solutions.  

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