Monday, April 18, 2016

National "Organize Your Files Week"

This week is National Organize Your Files Week.  Digital files need to be organized just like a file cabinet and cleaned out or archived accordingly.  If you set up your files correctly to start with then archiving is easy. There are also a plethora of Apps to simplify your work life.  Let’s look at some which can help you better organized and simplify your business life.  Each day this week we will feature another post on our blog for you.  So, visit our blog each day this week to discover Apps which can help organize your life.

Featured Apps:

Office 365 – Microsoft has done a great job creating a cloud email/workspace platform that is affordable for any size business.

Evernote - Software which allows you to have your files, documents, texts, notes and video clips follow you anywhere you go.

eBility Time Tracker: The time tracking software which lets you enter time from any device and sync with your accounting and payroll applications.

eWallet by Ilium Software: Allows you to keep your passwords in one place.

TripAdvisor: Software that allows you track your miles for business.

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