Friday, July 8, 2016

National Cell Phone Courtesy Month

This month is cell phone courtesy month.  Since we're dependent on our phones so often, I wanted to list out my favorite business apps that may become your favorites as well.

Here are the best phone apps for your mobile office which are my favorites.

1 Office 365      Click here

2 Waze              Click here

3 Social Media Apps (Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Google Plus.)

4 Trip log          Click more to see app
This has a motion sensor and will automatically start as you go.  You can easily mark personal or business at the end of each week.

5 Evernote         Click here

6 Words with Friends Click more to see app

7 ewallet           Click here

8 Visual Voicemail    Click here 
Most androids have service built into phone already.

9 What’s App      Click here 

10 Pandora        Click more to see app 

11 IMBd                Click here

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