Saturday, September 24, 2016

Have YOU been hacked?

It is a "normal" part of life now to have your data stole. The question is "Do you know if you have been hacked?"  It took Yahoo two years to share with us that 500 million accounts had been hacked.  Hard to believe they did not know.  

This article by consumer reports "66 Ways to Protect Your Privacy Right Now"  is a great way to take some actions to safeguard your data.  

I immediately went to  and checked out all my email addresses.  My personal one had 3 items where I needed to change my password ( I actually had already taken care of two) but I had no idea that i had a myspace account. 
In one of the other articles that I read talked about you might not even know you had an account, if you signed up and never used it or if you changed platforms and did not deactivate the account, then it is still there with your username/password/birthday/security questions.  The same birth date and security questions you currently use on other sites.  CHANGE THESE

I went to myspace,  sent a password request and waited. Was my account still active? Nothing came.  It must be over 10+ years since I would have had a myspace account.  In fact, I don't ever remember having one.  It says the hack was in 2008 and it took 8 years for myspace to report it.  

You can't trust the Online platforms to self regulate.  YOU must be diligent about your information, use safeguards and check.

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