Monday, June 19, 2017

National Email Week Celebrations

It's National Email Week! We may all love social media as a means of communication but email is still the preferred method of communications for the business user.

IT say that, in general,  each employee requires an email box the size of 500MB to 2GB.  That's alot of storage.  Further, A recent survey of employees found that workers cannot process more than 50 emails per day, yet the average business inbox receives at least 100 emails per day.

Email Do's and Don'ts:

  • DO remember that all emails can be forwarded.
    DON’T include emoticons and acronyms in your sign-offs in business emails.
  • DO include a signature block in your emails.
    DON’T assume someone will recognize your email address, especially if you’ve just met
  • DO use spell check and proof-read your emails for accuracy.
    DON’T correct someone’s spelling or grammar unless they’ve asked for a critique.
  • DO communicate in a business-like manner when using email for business.
  • DON'T tell jokes, use sarcasm.  They don't translate well in writing.

No automatic alt text available.Marsha Egan, national expert on email and author of “Inbox Detox”, agrees that a full inbox causes employees extra stress. Beyond just the stress, the overloaded inbox is expensive. Egan claims that poor email habits can cost businesses a minimum of $200 in lost productivity per employee per week.
It's important that businesses find ways to help employees handle emails more effectively.  We've been talking about some ways.  Have you considered holding a training for employees to explain YOUR company's way of handling email?  Have you trained employees in the tools that Outlook offers users to keep their email boxes more organized.  Today, even Gmail offers a host of sorting options to make it easier to keep track of emails and prioritize the most important ones.

Email is an  important tool for your business.  Maybe even the most important communication tool that you have.  Take a moment to make sure that you're handling email in a cost-efficient manner for your business.

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