Friday, June 30, 2017

Social Media Day:Tips to Get You Started And More

June 30th is Social Media Day.  To help you celebrate, we wanted to assist you in developing your social media plan.  Social media is the engagement marketing cycle.  It allows you to connect with your customers, get leads or grow your supporters.  Whenever you post something on social media, you should create a WOW moment for your customers. 

Pew Research Center states that 58% of Americans use Facebook, and that 41% of those use it daily?  What better way to connect with 1.4 Billion users, but to post on Facebook and engage.  

Start with Facebook.  Facebook suggests that 50% of the posts should be interesting content that’s also entertaining.  About 30% should be helpful information such as tips, stats, and education.  The remaining 20% should be promoting your business such as allowing customers to purchase, register for an event, or read a blog. 

To create a strong social media plan, we suggest the following:
  • Tell others about your Facebook page through email marketing, on your website, post icon your blog, in your store or office, and on your business cards
  • Add the social media links to your emails
  • Follow your best customers and interact with their social media pages
  • Start posting and remember Facebook Insights.  This allows you to ask your audience what they want to see on Facebook
  • Have a Join my mailing list button on Facebook
  • Add Facebook sign up form App to allow you to capture your customer’s emails
  • Make it part of your marketing Plan
If you missed Weiskopf Consultings Seminar on "Facebook Marketing: Let's Make a Plan", here is the Pdf for you as a gift on Social Media Day.  Click Here

Another platform for social media is LinkedIn.  On LinkedIn you can show off your products, services and news about your company.  Do you have a LinkedIn Showcase page?  Learn how - Click Here


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