Tuesday, August 8, 2017

ASK The Expert

Q:  How often should I clean up my computer?
A:  Just like fall/spring cleaning you should do a good computer clean up at least twice a year.  This should include running CCleaner, Malwarebytes, and a your anti-virus program on a deep dive.  CCleaner will remove al those temp files that you don’t need. Please download your items from safe sites Like CNET.  To keep your files safe they should be backed up to the cloud on a backup program like Carbonite or Mozy.  This will ensure if you get a ransomware that your files are safe. 

Q:  Is there an easier way to run routine tasks?   
A:  Stop performing all that system maintenance yourself and set it all up to run on a schedule. With Windows’ built-in Task Scheduler, you can run just about any kind of task—whether it’s maintenance, picture uploads, or even a simple alarm—through Windows’ built-in tools (in fact, it’s one of the best Windows 7 features you’ve probably forgotten about.
Q:  When is it time to upgrade to new computer
A:  Anything over 4 – 5 years old can be in consideration for the retirement home for computers.  Make sure your needs are being met, just because it is old doesn’t mean it is time to recycle.  Have you had your current PC cleaned up in a while? By a professional?  If not they should be consulted.  A good professional will assess your needs and the computer then give you options.  Clean up cost or replacement cost.  You will then be able to make a choice.  Also, a good professional should offer shopping service to help you find the computer that is best for you. 

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