Sunday, October 1, 2017

Branding Month at Weiskopf Consulting

Learn how to Brand your Company 

This month is National Learning and Development Month. What’s more important to learn about than your own brand? Weiskopf Consulting will be discussing the strategy of branding with a focus on non-profits complete with information relevant for any brand.

Branding is an all encompassing topic, therefore we have segmented the topic into three key elements, trustworthy, passion and consistency. Throughout the month we will touch of various aspects of these three main elements that make brands shine.

When a brand knows who they are and what they stand for they gain trust. Consumers are not looking for perfection, they are looking for decency. Today, trust is more important than ever and it can be an important source of strategic advantage.

People connect with your passion and remember your brand. The history of your brand is not as memorable and they really don’t care. Great brands delight people. They have genuine meaning in people’s lives. People need to see the heart of your brand to connect deeply.

And finally your brand must have consistency. Not matter the medium, Facebook, LinkedIn, your website, you name it, all of them must have the same look and feel to maintain the brand consistency.  Remember that everything is a brand, so care about yours. Personal brands, brand of expertise, brand of product, brand of advice, brand of culture, brand of solution, they all need to be consistent. Many non-profits are more like consumer brands, and thus to maintain share of mind and trust, a well thought out, consistent brand is required. While some may think that looking "too good" and implying a sense of organizational vanity is a problem, many donors consciously and unconsciously see value, professionalism and sustainability when a brand is clearly and consistently presented.

Check back all month on our social media platform to learn more insight into your brand being trustworthy, having passion and being consistent.

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