Friday, October 6, 2017

Consistency, is Key to Brand Recognition

Keep Your Brand Consistent

Consistent Consistent Consistent. Ensure your brand has a brand and logo that are consistent across various platforms. Branding in social media requires a logo to look good in a square since most platforms are built to for photos of people as users. Consistency goes beyond just the look of your brand but the brand voice. This is a major component of a cohesive brand. Strategically decide how to differentiate your brand with how you present your content. 

Color | Photo style | Logo | Tagline | Typography 

When acquiring handles and accounts in social media, attempt to claim your brand name in numerous platforms. You may not plan to use say, Snapchat, but you would not want someone to confuse your brand with another of the same or similar name.

An email signatures is an extension of your brand. Build an email signature that represents your brand on every message you send. There should be an ask in your email signature and just like your marketing message, your email signature needs to be updated and should coincide with your marketing campaign.

Event branding is just as important as your primary branding. 

T-shirts  |  Signage  |  Promotions  |  Social media

Even simplistic promotions, ensure they are consistent with your branding strategy. All build meaning and memorability for an event, even if it is entirely for charity.

Simply explained, your brand is what people think about you. Your brand carries through in various platforms and messaging. A good brand takes time to build and requires thought, strategy and consistency to continue growing.

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