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Funding Your Non-Profit

Funding Your Non-Profit

Funding is a major component for non-profits. Non-profits can not rely on the same fundraising and advertisement over the course of time. The marketing message becomes boring. Update your marketing message, be sure to stay within your brand message. The way you ask for a donation needs to fit within your brand. Consider if your brand is positioned to "ask for support" versus "ask to join" the cause. Joining is more powerful in terms of creating evangelists for the cause. Keep the message short and simple, there is not a need to get too technical. That is not to say be boring, rather know your audience and what motivates them.

Funding and the wording of asking for donations is an element of your non-profit brand. This is another aspect of brand consistency.

Be sure to differentiate your non-profit brand to attract volunteers versus attracting money. This too goes back to asking for join the cause. Feeling and emotion is a much stronger tie than simply investing for a return. After all, anyone can write a check but not everyone will give of their time to volunteer. This ties back to the passion of your brand. Getting support through passion is a much more powerful connection to the cause.

Watch this video to see how this Challenge went Viral on Social Media

Think back to the ALS Bucket Challenge, born of passion for the brand. Pete Frates, a baseball player from Boston College has suffered from ALS, or Lou Gehrig's disease, since 2012. He thought of an idea to raise money for the degenerative disease, it was simple, dump a bucket of ice-cold water over your head, then challenge a friend, or friends, to either do the same or donate money to The ALS Association. Make a video of the whole thing and post it to your social media accounts. The marketing message completely stood out and inspired millions to donate.

Funding and garnering donations are not easy components for a non-profit. Be sure to give thought as to how the fit into your brand consistency.

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