Thursday, November 2, 2017

2017-10-23 "Branding Month Email #4"

Brand Passion

As we introduced the month of branding at Weiskopf Consulting, we segmented the topic into three key elements, trustworthy, passion and consistency. Passion connects your brand to your customers. Aligning your goals with your customer goals is important but so is having a story behind your own brand. Not just a history. Generally people need to be inspired to gain any kind of attachment to an organization. That is especially true when you are asking for donations instead of providing a product or service that is needed. So what makes you special? What caused you to want to help? Avoid using the terminology of targeting for your non-profit. 

As you think past your history and more towards your passion, learn to tell your story concisely with excitement.

Check back all month on our social media platform to learn more insight into your brand being trustworthy, having passion and being consistent. 

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