Thursday, November 2, 2017

Branding Voice and Passion

Branding Voice and Passion

The power of passion and the voice used to discuss that passion can build significantly stronger brands and drive sales higher. Marketing a brand to customers with a relationship surrounding the customers passion creates more value for the brand. Potential clients need to develop a one on one relationship with a brand to eventually have passion for that brand. Telling the story of your brand instead of just the history evokes more passion between your customer and your brand. It takes that customer along the road of engagement that can and should build over time.

So how do you build that emotional connection with you customer and your brand? Start with saying something not only important, but relevant. Act on that message, continuously. Make sure your actions are good not just for your brand but also for you customers. Be honest, if your brand speaks to something be sure to follow through in your brand actions.

Take the time to consider your brand positioning and how it will impact passion within your clients.  When the time comes to activate your brand, be sure to have a strategy based on your brand positioning. Stay true to your message.

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