Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Digital Year End Review

It is December and that means it is time for a year end review. 

Commonly the focus is either financials or personnel, but have you thought about your business digital marketing efforts? Tackling the overarching questions of “Were you happy with your digital marketing efforts?” or “Did your digital marketing increase your sales?” are over whelming. Start with a check list and look at each aspect of your digital marketing plan and evaluate item by item what worked well and why along with how you can improve. And improving might be deciding to eliminate an item.

The Weiskopf Consulting Year End Review is a concise way to evaluate your digital marketing efforts from 2017. Take the time to fill it out and then you can begin to strategize for 2018. Do not go into the new year doing the same thing because it is the easy answer. Take the time to evaluate and ensure your strategy is comprehensive and cohesive. Feeling unsure of what to do next? Weiskopf Consulting can evaluate your digital marketing efforts and meet with you for a free one hour consultation to help move your business forward.  

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